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How to Get Rid of Flea Infestations in the House?

Get Rid of Flea Infestations in Your House

There are more than 2,000 species of fleas in the world. Unlike some other types of pests, fleas can be found just about anywhere. Fleas affect animals more than humans and once a flea finds its way onto your pet, it can live on your pet for around two whole months!

Pets aren’t the only places where fleas live, however. Fleas can infest a home just as fast. They live on the carpets, on bedding, on the couches, and anywhere else they can hide.

Are you wondering how to get rid of flea infestations in your home? If you believe you’re dealing with a flea infestation or want to prevent one before it happens, then continue reading below.

Treat Your Pets For Fleas

The first thing you want to do to get rid of flea infestations is determine the source of the infestation. In most cases, fleas will come from the pets. Cats and dogs easily catch fleas when spending time outdoors, being around other pets, rodents, or other wildlife.

Check your pets for fleas by brushing them with a flea comb. Take great care when combing around their necks and tails since this is where most fleas will hide. You’ll also want to check their bellies and the creases of their legs.

If you find a flea, place it under running water over a drain so it can’t jump away. Then, contact your pets’ vet for information about treating fleas. Your vet will prescribe flea medication for you or suggest a good brand of flea medication to purchase at your local pet store.

Treat all pets in the house with flea medication as recommended by your vet.

Treat Your Pets for Fleas to Get Rid of Flea Infestations

Wash All Bedding Items

Fleas are also found in bedding, including sheets, pillows, and stuffed animals. The next step to get rid of flea infestations is to make sure the fleas are removed from your home. You also need to wash all of your bedding items using the hot setting. After you remove all items from each bed to wash, you can vacuum the mattresses.

Don’t forget to wash all of your pets’ bedding as well. Think of any pillows and blankets your pets use on a regular basis. Place the majority of your focus on these areas since those are the places where fleas are more likely to be.

Vacuum the Entire House

Because fleas can live on carpets, it’s also beneficial to clean and vacuum the entire house in order to get rid of flea infestations. Make sure the vacuum you use is powerful and don’t only vacuum the carpet. You also want to vacuum any upholstered items such as couches and curtains.

While vacuuming these surfaces, pay close attention to any cracks and crevices. Fleas love to hide in these places. Once you’re done vacuuming, you should then empty the contents of the vacuum outdoors to stop fleas from escaping the vacuum back into your home.

Professionally Clean Carpets

After vacuuming the carpets, you can then consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to steam clean the carpets for you. You can also rent a steam carpet cleaner from a local home improvement store. Use the steam cleaner on all upholstery items and pet beds (if you can’t wash in the washing machine).

The soap mixed with high heat will help kill the fleas in all life stages and help to get rid of flea infestations. Make sure to focus on all those areas where your pets spend the majority of their time.

Clean Your Carpets to Get Rid of Fleas

Contact Professional Pest Control

Although fleas might seem harmless to you, it’s important to note that fleas can bite humans as well. Fleas also pose a danger to both humans and pets. Being bitten by a flea can lead to an allergic reaction, diseases, and even tapeworms.

For these reasons, you want to act fast as soon as you see a flea in your home to get rid of flea infestations. You also want to ensure you take the appropriate measures to remove all fleas from your house the first time. To do this, hire professional pest control services.

An experienced pest control service will have all the proper tools, products, and equipment to make sure all of the fleas in your home are taken care of and get rid of flea infestations in your home. The benefits of hiring a professional pest control service are that you can schedule routine pest control to maintain your pest-free home and have a warranty-backed flea treatment.

Prevent Fleas From Coming Back

Unfortunately, if you don’t take the right precautions, fleas can keep coming back even after being completely removed from a home. There are a few things, other than hiring pest services, that you can do to prevent fleas from infesting your home again.

You should keep pets up to date on their flea, tick, and worm medication. Speak with their vet about the best treatment plan for them. Then, take your time researching various natural flea deterrents you can use in and around your home.

It’s also important to know the signs of a present flea infestation so you can catch it in the early phases and treat the problem before it worsens. Keep an eye on your pets and inspect their coat for fleas if they’re scratching and itching. Pay close attention to the carpet, drapery, and furniture in your home as well. Fleas will often hop on these objects.

Take Control of Your Flea Infestations Today

Upon the first flea sighting in your home, contact Pest Management Systems. We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and understand that every pest infestation situation differs in its own way. We’re dedicated to creating a tailored pest control treatment program to ensure you have peace of mind.

Take control of flea infestations today by hiring professionals. Get a quick quote today to see how we can help you!

While these tips, steps, or education will help, there is no guaranteed way to eliminate all the risks.

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