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Are Rodents Taking up Residence in Your Car?

Perhaps you have dealt with rodents in and around your home, but you never thought to worry about them ending up in your car. It is more common than you might think. Here is what you need to know.

Signs of Rodents in Your Car

  • If you have seen a mouse, rat, or squirrel scurrying around your car, they may be coming in and out to search for food and water.

  • You might also actually see droppings and notice foul smells in your car.

  • Rodents tend to build nests near the heater blower motor, so you may notice strange sounds when you use the heater.

  • Birdseed, dog food, acorns, and other food debris left in the car is a sign that rodents have been inside snacking. 

Why are Rodents Attracted to Cars?

Cars provide the perfect place for rodents to hide from predators. They can squeeze into small spaces and enjoy the warmth from the engine. In addition, cars are usually parked near easy food sources like waste cans, bird feeders, or garages where pet and human food is stored.

Unfortunately, having a rodent invade your car can do some damage. Not only will they leave behind feces and urine, but they will also chew through important components that power your vehicle. Rodents have incisors that are constantly growing, so they have to chew in order to keep their incisors sharp. That makes wires, hoses, plastic panels, and just about anything else, the perfect target for rodents.  

Preventing Rodents in Your Car

The best way to prevent rodents from entering your car is to move it regularly. If your car sits for too long, they will happily make it their home. For more chronic problems, consider installing wire mesh across openings including vents and other intake systems. 

You may also want to consider calling a pest control expert. At PMi Pest Management, our expert technicians can help you with all your pest prevention and control needs for your home, yard, and car.

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