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6 Tips to Keep Your Summer Vacation Bed Bug Free

Summer is the time of year when most of us head off on vacation to enjoy the warm weather and recharge our batteries. With so many people on the move and traveling through crowded airports and staying at hotels, it is also the perfect time for bed bugs to hitch and ride and end up back at your house. It won’t take long for a bed bug problem to ruin your vacation. Fortunately, you can follow these 6 tips to keep your summer vacation bed bug free.

1. Do Your Research  

Before you book a hotel, visit the Bed Bug Registry. This resource lists all the hotels and rentals that have had previous problems with bed bugs. While these locations have probably treated and cleared up any infestations, it isn’t a bad idea to stay away from hotels with a history of bed bugs.

2. Inspect Your Lodgings

Before you even start bringing your luggage and personal items into your hotel or rental, take a moment to inspect your lodgings. If there are bed bugs, you should be able to easily see signs of them with the naked eye. Look around the edges of the mattress for any dark spots. You may also find bed bug skin castings and live, active bugs. 

3. Pack Carefully

Bed bugs love to go straight for your luggage and take up residence in your clothes. This is often how they are transported from a hotel to your home where they can quickly spread and require treatment. Your best defense is to use a hardshell suitcase and spray it with a protective bed bug spray. This will repel and kill any bed bugs. You can also go the extra mile and seal your clothes in airtight plastic bags and keep your luggage off the ground. 

4. Keep Your Space Clean

It is tempting to get a little messy while you are on vacation, but keeping your space clean will help discourage bed bugs. Take advantage of any available cleaning services at your hotel or rental and spend a few minutes cleaning up after yourself before you get started each day.

5. Do a Final Inspection

If you have followed the tips listed above, you have most likely avoided any bed bugs, but it never hurts to do a final inspection. Take a close look at your clothes a luggage before you leave to make sure that you won’t be transporting any bed bug stowaways back to your home.

6. Call a Professional

For those who still find themselves dealing with a bed bug problem after traveling, it is time to call a professional and take care of these pests right away. The experts at Pest Management Systems will use the latest in bed bug dogs and heat treatments to locate and effectively remove any bed bugs. Our environmentally friendly techniques are fast and effective so that you can get back to life as normal. Call PMi today with any questions about bed bugs or to schedule an appointment. 

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