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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed_Bug_Heat_Treatment-300x225At Pest Management Systems, we say, bring on the heat! With the ever-increasing bed bug epidemic spreading across hotels, homes, hospitals, and even schools, there are many clever ways to treat bed bug infestations. But if you want a way to treat bed bugs in one shot, try bed bug heat treatments for your home our business from Pest Management Systems.

This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates walls, mattresses, furniture and other hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs in just minutes. By using heat treatment for bed bugs, heat is distributed evenly throughout an area and destroys bed bugs wherever they are lurking. Bed bugs can run but they can’t hide from our heat treatment equipment!

Why Choose Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Heat treatments from Pest Management Systems will kill bed bugs at all stages, including the eggs. This is important because not all bed bug treatments can do both. And even better, more bed bugs are gone in a single treatment. Here are a few more reasons to choose heat treatments for bed bugs:

  • More effective and powerful than chemical treatments
  • Non-chemical treatments are less harsh for you and your family
  • Bed bugs will never become resistant to heat like they are with chemical treatments
  • It’s better for the environment and more eco-friendly for the animal and plant life in and around your home
  • The time it takes to kill and eliminate bed bugs is fast – less than an hour after the temperature is brought up to the proper level, the bugs and their eggs start to die

Let Us Put Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment to Work for You!

At Pest Management Systems, the results we’ve achieved with heat treatments for bed bugs are so effective that we’re confident our services will effectively treat the infestation! Don’t wait any longer, contact us today and give it a try!